The Power of Written Language

Written language is different from standard literature, because it often represents what someone wishes to say, yet they are held back from doing so. The reasons for not being able to express yourself verbally are many: medical issues, dictatorships, laws, developmental issues, traumatic events and others. However, writing provides an outlet for both adults and children. It allows them to have a voice even if they cannot speak. Consider what it would be like to find yourself with the inability to speak your mind. It would be extremely disheartening and frustrating, to say the least.

Trauma situations are a primary reason why people struggle to communicate with others. When people have car wrecks or incidents in which they can no longer speak, they must be able to communicate through written language. Physical therapists often use writing to help patients to recover much more quickly. It is critical that they can communicate so that they understand if an area is sore or hurts. The recovery process becomes much more difficult if mistakes are made, so it is especially important to ensure that everyone is on the same page in regard to making good decisions.

Parental abuse is perhaps the worst form of abuse for children. It promotes fear and a distrust for others in many kids. The power of written language becomes critical in these situations, because it allows kids to seek help. The news is rife with stories about children who have been kept in horrid conditions for many years. Many times these situations go completely undetected by neighbors, some of which had no idea that there were children even living in the house next door. Some of these cases have a happy ending, due in large part to writing. Children who are fearful of making a phone call, or are too young to do so, can communicate to doctors or seek help from the outside world by writing down what is happening to them through written language.

Amore recent example which was in the news, revolved around a teacher who conducted online classes. Most of her students competed classwork from the comfort of their own homes. One of her students submitted a cry for help during one of her assignments . She told her teacher that she and her siblings were being abused, and were often chained to the bed for hours at a time. They were too fearful to seek help from the authorities, so she decided to let her teacher know what was going on by writing her a letter. The teacher subsequently alerted the police in the area, and during a welfare check, they indeed found signs of abuse.

The power of written language is not only reserved for those who are in life threatening or abusive situations. It is equally important for those who love written expression, and who have a story to tell about their life experiences. It can be entertaining, informative and eye-opening. Written language is an essential part of every person’s life.